Warranty Terms & Registration Of Your Lipe Guitar


This guitar is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or workmanship from the original date of purchase. Lipe Guitars USA will, at its discretion, replace or repair any Lipe guitar model or part thereof, which is found by Lipe Guitars USA to be defective. Lipe Guitars USA reserves the right to use replacement materials if original material is not available or if Lipe Guitars USA feels that switching materials is better for the product itself.



This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, nor damages caused by an unqualified repair person, nor faults due to misuse, customization, accident or neglect, or resulting from the changes in temperature of humidity, exposure to, or contact with sun, fire, moisture, body salts and acids, guitar straps, accessories and guitar stands.

This warranty is non-transferable.

A warranty claim by any other than the original purchaser is not covered.

Shipping/Transportation costs are not included in this warranty.



The guitar “must be” returned to Lipe Guitars USA through place of purchase. (dealer). All freight and insurance being prepaid. The original invoice or sales receipt must accompany the defective guitar, along with a written statement (in English) detailing the fault. In the absence of this clear proof of purchase,

Lipe Guitars reserves the right to refuse to provide free of charge service.

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Overview of Lipe Guitars Models


The Virtuoso is a stylish modern version of the classic double cutaway body shape. The Virtuoso offers unsurpassed balance, focused mid range, and versatility with a graceful look. The Virtuoso best suits guitar players who refuse to be boxed into a specific category. This model takes your concept of a dream guitar to another level with the ultimate freedom of expression. Available in 6 String, 7 String, 8 String, and 8 String Fan Fret.

The Classic Virtuoso, as the name suggests, is a vintage approach double cutaway body style that has represented the electric guitar for the past 50 years. It is big, bold, and right to the point tone machine that can be customized from vintage to totally modern or anything in between to suit your personal preference. Available in 6 String, 7 String, 8 String, and 8 String Fan Fret.

The Soldato has a classic single cutaway body style that is known for its big full tone and sonic properties. In Italian, Soldato means "soldier" which this guitar is - a trustworthy, reliable instrument for any musician performing either inside the studio or on the stage. The Soldato has what it takes to bring your performances alive. Available in 6 String, 7 String, 8 String, and 8 String Fan Fret.

The Twisted Soldato is a hipper version of the Soldato model, carrying the same sonic characteristics but with a curvy twist to the shape. The Twisted Soldato is the body style which is most often associated with Mike Lipe. This guitar was created for players who want to be different and need an instrument to reflect their personality. Available in 6 String, 7 String, 8 String, and 8 String Fan Fret.

The Ivo model is the result of the collaboration between Mike Lipe and L.A. based guitar player Ivo Stan. It took two years of heavy R&D, countless changes, and experiments to create the Ivo model. The main goal was to create a very functional guitar both in design and tone. The Ivo has a fuller single cutaway body and a 25 inch scale length. Available in 6 String, 7 String, 8 String, and 8 String Fan Fret.

The El Capo is the latest Lipe model that was designed back in the '80s with only few pieces made until now. The El Capo is available in three choice tone woods, Equatorial Mahogany, White Limba (Korina), and Alder without any top woods. This hand shaped body has a deep carved belly cut and the top horn is shaped downward for style but most of all to see the top section of the neck freely. Available in 6 String, 7 String, 8 String, and 8 String Fan Fret.

The Amico Nostro is a sexy guitar with flowing lines and shape. The Amico's beauty turns heads and while setting ears on fire with its wonderful sound. The Amico has a full rich sound with balanced mids and bass. The Amico is all about personality in appearance and tone. Available in 6 String, 7 String, 8 String, and 6 String Fan Fret.

The Lupara bass models incorporate the same structural key features found in our guitar models making them one of the finest handmade basses on the market today. The Lupara has wonderful tone, playability, and appearance. The Lupara L and LT models are in a league of their own. All models are available in 5 strings.


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